the sandwich went to my head

my name is dana, and i have a problem

I would say hi and offer you guys a beer and some of the semi-stale Peeps I have hidden from the girls; but I’m guessing that there’s not that many of you left to read this. Oh well, more booze for me.

I’m really, really, painfully rusty at this now; so I’m going to start with one of those 31 day challenges. Hopeully, I’ll keep it up this time.






Which brings me to this:

#1. My name is Dana and I have a problem.. Are you ready for this? …I’m happy. Like, completely content-no drama-gain 5lbs-I’m so happy. Which in turn sometimes makes me nervous and bitchy. I know. Poor me. And I prefer Laughing Cow Garlic Herb with my whine, thank you. (Bringing the class to you in spreadable form since 1987).

When your whole being is hardwired into accepting disappointment and all the negative shit life throws at you as being the norm; then yeah. Sometimes being happy is hard work. But I could definitely get used to it.




Yeah, I think I’ll be okay.



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