the sandwich went to my head

planet earth to major tom…

//cough// so. uh. hello. i think i’m ready to make the second third attempt to get my ass into gear and write. about what? no clue as of yet. but i’ll think of something. hopefully. so expect a post within the next day or two. swearsies.


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Eye Oh Ewe

I may have promised several dozen people on Twitter that there would be a video last night.

I also may have fallen asleep on my laptop while watching Michael and Fiona blowing things up all sexy like. If it’s any consolation, I totally drooled everywhere.

Heading into work now, but I swear to the almighty caffeine god, there will be a video tonight. And yes, it will more than likely be embarrassing. You’re welcome.

Also also: Send me some ridiculous stuff to talk about tonight ( I’m looking at you, Amato). Anything. Everything. I’ll perform for you like a little mechanical monkey with cymbals. Only, less furry. Most of the time.

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